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Quartz Powder

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Quartz Powder (Fused and Synthetic) (SiO2) Ground quartz is used as an abrasive in stonecutting, sandblasting, and glass grinding. Powdered quartz is used in making porcelain, scouring soaps, sandpaper, and wood fillers. Recent uses are with solar panels. • There are different types of Quartz: Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal, Milky Quartz and Ametrine. Uses of Quartz: Crushed quartz is used as an abrasive in sandpaper, silica sand is employed in sandblasting, and sandstone is still used whole to make whetstones, millstones, and grindstones. Silica glass (also called fused quartz) is used in optics to transmit ultraviolet light. Quartz Chemical Composition: The powder quartz was mainly made of SiO2, yielding 93.7%. The main impurity was Al2O3, accounting for 3.62%, followed by K2O, MgO, and Fe2O3, accounting for 0.64%, 0.26%, and 0.18% respectively.

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