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Hamalayan Salt

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(Mazhar International - Pakistan), one of the leading mines owner, producer & exporter of the highest quality Himalayan Pink & Dark Salt (Rock / Granular), Salt Tiles & Walls, Salt Lamps, Salt Bowls and Salt Decoration Pieces from the world second largest and oldest salt mine in Pakistan. Keeping in view standard criteria of Total Quality Management of Control and Assurance, Mazhar International has the best quality of Pink Salt mines availability with a huge deposit for continuous supplies around the world. Mazhar International has extensive expertise in International mine export and regularly produces & exports one of the best qualities of Himalayan Pink Salt to the International market. With our extensive experience in International export, we offer broad range to reduce Buyer risk by keeping consistent excellent quality, timely deliveries and as well as competitive price.
1). Sodium Chloride as (NaCL) ---97.44 %
2). Chloride as (CL)----------------58.50 %
3). Sulphate as (SO4)------------- 01.05 %
4). Calcium as (Ca)--------------- 00.68 %
5). Magnesium as (Mg)---------- 00.02 %
6). Moisture---------------------- 00.14 %
7). Water insoluble Matter------- 00.07 %

Mazhar Minerals track record, its ability to adapt the working conditions to whatever adversity a site can present and its reputation for timely completion, has made the company a Partner of Choice.