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Iron Ore

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Mazhar International, produces & supply the International standard of quality of Iron Ore to the local and international industries to make steel. Iron ore found in various regions of Pakistan including Nokundi, Chinot and the largest one in Kalabagh, Haripur and other Northern Areas. Annual Iron Ore production in Pakistan has been reaching 400,000 tones in recent years.
Following are details of Iron Ore:-

1). Total Iron (Fe) Based on ISO 2597-1----------50.05% Min
2). Silica as (SiO2) Baed on ISO 2598-1-----------12.82% Max
3). Alumina as ( Al2O3) Based on ISO4688-1-----3.95% Max
4). Phosphorus (P) Based on ISO 4687-1----------0.13% Max
5). Sulphur as (S) Based on ISO 4680-3------------0.26% Max
6). Quantity----------------------------------20000MT /month

Mazhar Minerals track record, its ability to adapt the working conditions to whatever adversity a site can present and its reputation for timely completion, has made the company a Partner of Choice.