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Chrome Ore

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Chromite is a mineral that is an iron chromium oxide. It has a chemical formula of FeCr2O4. It is an oxide mneral belonging to the spinel group. Chrome ore minerals proper and their associated rocks-forming minerals is needed to explore new chromite fields and to predict the efficiency of individual methods for the beneficiation of chromite ores. Uses of Chrome Ore: The chromium extracted from chromites is used in chrome plating and alloying for production of corrosion resistant super alloys, and stainless steel. Chromium is used as a pigment for glass, glazes, and paint, and as an oxidizing agent for tanning leather. It is also sometimes used as a gemstone. Molecular Formula FeCr2O4 or CrFeO4 Synonyms Chromite (Cr2FeO4) Chromite ore Chrome ore Chromite (mineral) Iron chromate(II) More... Molecular Weight 171.84 g/mol Component Compounds CID 24425 (Chromic acid) CID 23925 (Fe)

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