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Quartz (Silica)

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Mazhar International (Pakistan), is one of the leading Mines Owner, Producer & Exporter of Silica (Quartz) Lumps / Powder from Pakistan. Mazhar International having one of the best quality of Silica (Quartz) mines near Pak-Afghan border with huge deposit for continuous supplies around the world.
Mazhar International regularly produces & exports high quality of Quartz (Silica) to International market.

Quartz (Salica) Applications:
Ground quartz is used as an abrasive in Stone Cutting, Sandblasting, Glass & Ceramics Industries. Powdered quartz is used in making Porcelain, Scouring Soaps, Sandpaper & Wood Fillers. Quartz sand is used in the production of Container Glass, Flat Plate Glass, Specialty Glass & fiberglass. Na2O-----------------0.51% Max
Al2O3-----------------0.08% Max
SiO2-------------------98.5% Min
K2O--------------------0.02% Max
CaO--------------------0.09% Max
Fe2O3------------------0.40% Max
LOI----------------------0.23% Max
1). Size in Lumps---------10mm to 300mm (90%)
2). Mesh Size Powder-----80 Mesh Powder /Pack in 40KG Bags
Shipment time------------4 Weeks
Port of Loading-----------Karachi-Pakistan

Mazhar Minerals track record, its ability to adapt the working conditions to whatever adversity a site can present and its reputation for timely completion, has made the company a Partner of Choice.